The Best Alternative Depression Treatments

In a world bereft of spirituality and plagued with the perils of materialistic existence, depression is threatening to cause serious problems for entire generations. The younger generations, among all, are increasingly becoming victims of depression and a sudden rise is being witnessed in the suicide ratio even in prosperous nations like Sweden.

The causes of depression are well-documented and the list keeps on swelling by the passing day. With the rise in the rates and introduction of new causes of the problem, newer treatments are also been introduced. Innovations are made daily and the arrival of alternative depression treatment is a cause of great hope for a future free from chronic depression.

Basic Treatments For Depression

Apart from the more advanced treatments for depression like TMC, there are ways to treat depression from an early stage by some of the basic treatments readily available for everybody.

  • Music Therapy
    Very few people are aware of the healing power of music. Those who know, don’t really trust music to cure medical problems. It is, although, a well-known fact by now in psychotherapy circles.Experiments have been conducted to check how efficiently can music help in treating depression, and the results have reiterated the healing power of the art. Patients suffering from depression have reported positive changes in their mental state after going through rounds of music therapy.
  • Reading Books
    Books are reservoirs of knowledge and tales, but, the lesser known fact about reading is that it helps in cases of insomnia and depression. People struggling through a sleep-deprived state of depression have experienced better and longer sleeping hours once they took up reading.Reading before going to bed and avoiding the bright lights of smartphone screens is suggested to everyone, more so, to people already suffering from depression.
  • Taking Up Sports
    Only a fit body can be home to an undisturbed and healthy mind. People who don’t wish to go to a fitness gym can choose a sport of their liking when the early stages of depression strike them. Playing a sport daily will provide a purpose to such people and the relaxation that a body goes through in recreational physical activities adds another dimension to the benefits of playing sports.People suffering from depression have reported experiencing a much relieved and relaxed mental and felt better about themselves owing to a comparatively fit body to when they lay on their couches all day and pondered about the causes that caused depression in them in the first place.
  • Yoga
    Coming from the orient, the epitome of self-awareness, Yoga, and Meditation has increasingly been used as therapy from people going through a terrible phase in their lives. Lots and lots of Meditation and Yoga centers have come up across the globe and are helping people out of the depression caused by a variety of reasons.These centers appoint Yoga experts who are trained in counseling people to plan their day in such a way that makes them feel good about themselves, the process isn’t just about practicing Yoga every day for a certain period of time, but, it has to become a lifestyle in order to extract complete benefits.

The more basic therapies and treatments form a crux of depression cures, but, there are a lot of other advanced treatments that have set new milestones in the world of treating depression. The most groundbreaking among these is the TMS treatment that has gained the trust of both psychotherapy professionals and patients alike. There is a huge list of Alternative Depression Treatment out of which TMS is grabbing the most headlines.

What Is TMS Treatment?

TMS stands for Transcranial magnetic stimulation and is a form of brain stimulation that is noninvasive. It is also known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and it uses a magnetic field to cure human brain off depression.

How Successful Is TMS Treatment?

According to doctors dealing with the project of finding cures for depression for decades, TMS has a clear advantage over other treatments owing specifically to its success rates and how comfortable the patients are during the stimulation. Patients feel a lot less scares undergoing TMS when compared to other treatments like the ECT. TMS has proven to be an effective Alternative Depression Treatment for patients who do not trust the traditional methods.

What Does TMS Treat?

The answer to the question, What Does TMS Treat? has to be subjective as it can be used in cases of depression as well as other medical states related to it.

Apart from cases of chronic depression, TMS can also treat people suffering from a heightened sense of anxiety, both social and other kinds. It also helps patients suffering from other mental states relating to depression and has an impeccable curing record.

How Long Does TMS Treatment Take To Start Working?

The length of the complete TMS course is generally anywhere between 4-6 weeks. The treatment has to be received by the patient 5 days every week.

Depending upon the number of impulses to be created, the treatment lasts anywhere between 30-40 minutes typically. The duration also depends upon the coil that is used for the treatment. Even at the longest, the duration of the treatment never exceeds 45 minutes.

Other Mental States That TMS Treats?

The perfect Alternative Depression Treatment, TMS has proved to be a groundbreaking breakthrough in curing and treating depression and other mental states related to it.

Hence, the answer to, What Does TMS Treat? Comes with a host of speculations and medical professionals are hopeful that it will soon be used as the treatment for lots of other states of the mind. It is, hence, a subject of great pride for the psychotherapy world that such a comprehensive treatment can be used to help multitudes of people out of depression.

Apart from helping patients suffering from chronic depression states, latest research has also deemed it a good cure for a multitude of other mental problems. Like in cases of Schizophrenia, TMS can be used to reduce the magnitude of hallucinations caused and it might also prove useful in the coming years in cases of Bipolar Depression.